Laisser traîner son argent

Connaissez-vous l’expression ‘Laisser traîner son argent ?’ Au poker, on utilise cette phrase quand quelqu’un ne joue pas intelligemment, on dit alors qu’il laisse traîner son argent. En d’autres mots, qu’il n’en tire pas tous les bénéfices.  En regardant les

Leaving Money On The Table

Do you know the phrase “leaving money on the table?’  In poker it’s used to mean when you don’t play intelligently you leave money on the table. In other words you don’t get as much as you could. Watching runners

Joint Mechanics: Marketing strategy or tool for stride transformation?

Joint Mechanics: Marketing strategy or tool for stride transformation?   If you’ve ever gone to a running store and done the treadmill evaluation thing and been told you over-pronate (and been recommended a certain shoe to correct it) you have

Hair of the Dog

Hair of the Dog It’s 9am Mon morning. Outside temperature including wind chill is a brisk -29C (-20.2F) and not a treadmill in sight. My legs, especially the left hamstring are feeling a bit twingy after my first track session

What If…

What if….?   Have you read “Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins?” If not I highly recommend it…it’s a real page turner and very inspiring although you may have to overlook various PC infractions!! David is a Navy Seal and

Old Dog Learns New Tricks

For a number of years now I have not been running well. I say that in spite of the fact I have set several Quebec records at distances ranging from 400m to 3000m and have also been age group Canadian

Here We Are Again

Here We Are Again (not a line from an Abba song!) The well-known Aussie running coach, FM Alexander was once quoted as saying “there’s no sitting on the fence mate, you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse!” Nowhere is

Focus on Braking

BRAKING     This piece is about becoming a better runner and what prevents many runners from improving, namely tension and poor running technique. Here we look at braking and different ways this happens, many of them unnoticed and therefore


  I just reread Zen and the Art of Archery because recently on a run I had experienced something new, this after some 40 odd years in the sport. Quite by accident I noticed that running was very different when

Still Learning After All These Years

I’ve been running for over 40 years….that’s a chunk by any standard. And you’d think that I’d have figured it out by now…I sure had. But I’ve been off my form for some time now. No flow, nagging injuries which refused to respond