Art of Running Certification

Learn valuable tools for teaching the Alexander Technique to the ever-growing population of runners

This training course is designed for Alexander Technique teachers and you don’t have to be an experienced runner to do the course.

Training to be an Art of Running Instructor, will give you the skills to work with a wide range of runners, helping them discover an easier, smoother and healthier way of running. Runners and running athletes represent a huge potential market which to date has not received the attention in the Alexander world that have musicians and back pain suffers. Developing a clearer understanding of running and runners will enable the you to communicate and work with this population with greater authority and credibility.


Canadian Running Coach, competitive Masters runner and Alexander Technique practitioner, Malcolm Balk is the originator of the ‘Art of Running’.

His popular workshops have featured in Runner’s World, The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian. He is the co-author of the bestseller “The Art of Running: Raising your Performance with the Alexander Technique” (Malcolm Balk and Andrew Shields Collins & Brown 2009) www.theartofrunning.com