We all think we know how to run. After all, it’s as natural as putting one foot in front of the other. Too often, though, an activity which should be pleasurable and fulfilling instead leads to frustration and injury. Physical and mental barriers can stop progress far short of full potential, whether you’re a regular runner or new to the sport.

The Art of Running is based on the proven principles of the Alexander Technique, which encourage good use of the body and greater awareness of the way it functions. Learn how to achieve and maintain fitness without injury and how to overcome self-imposed limitations to enjoyable and successful running.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced runner, courses in The Art of Running will give you real insight into the sport and how you can transform your training and performance.

Malcolm Balk is a well-known Level 4 running coach and still competes in his veteran category. (Age group  Canadian half marathon champion in 2011 and 2012….never mind how old!)  In 1991 he brought running and the Alexander Technique together when he developed the Art of Running workshops which have been enjoyed by runners all over the world.

Malcolm Balk is the author of two books: Master the Art of Running and Master the Art of Working Out.