Still End-Gaining After All These Years

End-gaining is a term employed in the Alexander world to describe going for an objective without […]

The ‘Just Show Up’ Principle

One of things I preach is consistency. I had the opportunity to observe the benefits […]

When A Good Idea Turns into A Bad Habit

Earlier this year I was having a running session with friend and coach Helen Hall […]

Laisser traîner son argent

Connaissez-vous l’expression ‘Laisser traîner son argent ?’ Au poker, on utilise cette phrase quand quelqu’un […]

Leaving Money On The Table

Do you know the phrase “leaving money on the table?’  In poker it’s used to […]

Joint Mechanics: Marketing strategy or tool for stride transformation?

If you’ve ever gone to a running store and done the treadmill evaluation thing and […]

Hair of the Dog

It’s 9am Mon morning. Outside temperature including wind chill is a brisk -29C (-20.2F) and […]

What if…?

Have you read “Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins?” If not I highly recommend it…it’s […]

Old Dog Learns New Tricks

For a number of years now I have not been running well. I say that […]

Here We Are Again

The well-known Aussie running coach, FM Alexander was once quoted as saying “there’s no sitting […]

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