Become a Teacher

Become a Teacher




  • Improve your own running and walking
  • Discover fundamentals of movement
  • Learn the language of runners
  • Gain skills for working with all types of runners
  • Acquire experience working with groups
  • Learn how to use video analysis

When: Wednesday May 1, 6pm – Sunday  May 5th 2023, 3pm

Where: Gothenburg Sweden

Cost: Early Bird Registration – €900 by 15th March 2024 or €1,000 until 1st April 2024, or €1,200 thereafter. Group rates for two or more people and payment plans available on request. Deposit of €300 due on registration. Balance to be paid by start of course.

Open to: Teachers, trainees & students of the Alexander Technique, Space limited to 20 participants.

Instructors: Malcolm Balk (‘Art of Running’ Founder) & Lindsay Newitter To register and for more details:

Contact: CONTACT: Fredrik Olmqvist –


Day 1 – Meet & Greet
Get together, introduction and partner work.

Day 2 – Foundation
Learning the Art of Running to demonstration level.

Day 3 – Teaching Fundamentals
Learning to teach the Art of Running to individuals.

Day 4 – Working with Groups
Learning to teach the Art of Running in a small group setting.

Day 5 – Practice, practice, practice
Learning to teach the Art of Running in a large group setting.

..the course will give you essential skills to work with runners whatever level they are at… you will develop your own understanding, discovering an easier way of running that you will be able to share and communicate to individuals and groups by the end of the course.
-Julie Brigham, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Well I can actually run now without hurting myself and feel confident that I can work with runners, offering them a system of self-care and strength building skills to enhance whatever level of runner that they are…
-Anne Johnson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I thoroughly enjoyed Malcolm’s course. He is an excellent communicator using clear, concise language with a continuous font of humour and wit bubbling through. Invaluable was his basic message to teachers/coaches to work with a pupil where they are at in whatever model they have without trying to change their model/view of things.
-Fiona Little, Galway, Ireland

Last fall I took Malcolm Balk’s Art of Running training and it transformed the way I think, practice, and teach human locomotion. I made back my tuition to the course in 2 days. This was easy and FUN!
-Mary Derbyshire, Little Compton, RI

Q: This course sounds interesting, but I’m not a runner or that experienced in the Alexander Technique . Is it for me?
A: Yes, this course adapts to all fitness levels and experience even if you don’t regularly run. You just need to be fit enough to run; have had a minimum of five AT lessons and be competent enough to use your phone to shoot videos!

Q: How much running will happen in the course?
A: We will mostly work on form, gait analysis, how to help a runner and speak their language. Any sustained running (the most might be the time it takes to get from the meeting location to a park) can be run, walked, or run/walked. We adapt the course so that season runners can run more and people who are working on their fitness level do less sustained running.

Q: As an Alexander Technique teacher, I feel I can already help people with their running. Why would I benefit from taking this course?
A: This course will deepen your understanding of good use, mainly by helping you discover where you might not be allowing your body/joints to move when you walk/run.Though we are mainly looking at elements of walking and running, many participants report that what they have learned enriches how they approach working with their students in any context.

Q: How soon do Art of Running certified teachers see a return on their investment in the course?
A: Most participants earn back what they paid for the course within a year, sometimes sooner. Art of Running Instructors are also listed on Malcolm Balk’s website,

About Malcolm Balk – Founder Of The Art Of Running

  • Level 4 running coach who competes in his veteran category.
  • Trained by Patrick Macdonald and qualified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique in 1984.
  • Author of ‘The Art of Running: Raise Your Performance with the Alexander Technique’ and ‘Master the Art of Working Out’.
  • Canadian half marathon champion in 2011 and 2012 and cross country champion in 2016.
  • In 1991 he brought running and the Alexander Technique together when he developed the Art of Running workshops, which have been enjoyed by runners across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and South America.
  • Founder of Art of Running instructor certification program and has certified 40+ Art of Running instructors on three continents
  • Current provincial holder of four age group indoor track records at 400m. 800m, 1500m & 3k.
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