“I went to the workshop hoping I might find something that would help me understand why other people seemed to enjoy an activity that I found so…well, no fun at all, LOL  (Of course I had no idea how to do it, which explains a lot.) But after listening to you and going through your drills, I now not  only enjoy running–I really love it. I feel as if a whole new world–and a new me–has been revealed. ( find myself doing the nip-to-hip arm movement a lot–even when I’m walking–it’s a good way to generate warmth in cold weather without huddling shoulders.)
I could go on…but maybe you’d be just as happy to know I’m going to stop here and go out for a run.”
-Oona Short (participant in NYC workshop)


I was a participant at your Friday workshop, and had a marvelous time.  It was so informative and helpful and I appreciated the way your structured your teaching.  It could have been overwhelming but was instead just fun!
 I am now inspired to treat running like a lifelong pursuit instead of just a hobby or exercise.  Since attending the workshop, I ran the fastest 3 miles I have ever run, pain-free!
-Laura Weiner NYC



Hi Malcolm,  just wanted to say that dad and I really enjoyed your workshop the other week in Bristol. We have learnt so much and are both trying to put together the skills which you have taught us. I just wanted to put some words together as a testimony of how much benefit your workshops and technique has been to me.

I first came to your workshop in Oxford in April. At this point I was running about 25 miles per week and was injured on average every 6 months. I put this down to worn out shoes, new orthotics, or needing stronger core stability. I had also spent hundreds maybe thousands of pounds on physios, chiropractors, osteopaths, and podiatrists, as well as expensive tailor fitting orthotics. Each time I attempted to rectify the problem it would reoccur months later. So having read your book I decided that maybe i needed to learn how to run properly as it never occurred to me that there was more than one way of putting one front in front of the other!! After I attended your workshop I realised that there was so much more to running technique and style than I ever could of imagined. There was remembering where to position my head, how to move my arms, keep my back straight, hips not tucked under and that was before I had even asked my legs to move!!! Throughout the rest of April I tried hard to remember all the important things that running involved and at times I must have looked quite strange running along trying various techniques, then slowly over time I stopped trying so hard and relaxed into the style. I ensured I remained conscious at every stage of my run and actively engaged my mind in ensuring each part of my body was relaxed, no tension or tightness and that I wasn’t trying to push the earth away from me! It took time but I took my orthotics out of my shoes and established a good strength routine involving pilates and yoga to build core strength and stability. Then, my running came on leaps and bounds. My dad, who has always been a keen runner started to notice such a difference in my running style that he wanted to know all about the drills and techniques I had learnt. I showed him some of the things I had learnt, but the best way for him to learn was by coming to one of your workshops.

Since your workshop in Bristol, Dad and I have been taking Alexander Technique lessons. So far so good. Dad is trying hard to incorporate what he has learnt into his running style, but it’s not easy for him as he has been putting the brakes on for over 30 years!!! He will get there, but it is a journey. I was pleased to see the video analysis and to discover that 6 months later I am still adhering to aspects of the technique, although I know I still have a lot to learn. So since April 2011, touch wood, I have had no injury, no aches or pains and best of all no trips to the physio, chiropractor, osteopath or podiatrist. So, I know I’m on the right track. I am now running 30 miles per week and its going from strength to strength. Thank you so much for giving me back the running I am so crazy about.

Keep up the good work, I think you do an amazing job and your passion for running really shines through the work that you do.

Looking forward to your next workshop.

Thanks for everything

-Jo Wildsmith


Dear Malcolm,

Further to your seminar in Oxford on 10th May 2012 –

I put your teaching progressively into practice during the autumn,

and wanted to share with you my GREAT SURPRISE AND JOY

at managing to run 7 miles, ‘up hill and down dale’ here in the Chiltern Hills, without stopping

– and without feeling crushingly exhausted nor out of breath – and with no after-effect in the days following.

Maybe not very fast (5 mph), but none -the-less, ………….I was astonished!

For me this is a real miracle – from childhood, I’ve never been able to run much more than a mile without stopping from exhaustion,

and now, to do this at 67, is for me astounding.

So this comes with deep thanks

-Francis Thompson


Oh and BTW, when training yesterday, I did my fastest 5k ever, by a few seconds, but I didn’t even try to make my PR… I was just applying what I learnt with you.. this workshop is the best investment I ever made in term of running… I’m so enthusiast and I’m eager the get this marathon done so we can discuss further on my evolution as a runner (and as a person since I have to admit I felt something almost spiritual in your conference.. reconnecting the mind with the body)