Gothenborg, Sweden

Gothenborg, Sweden

September 24, 2023

The Art of Running with Malcolm Balk in Göteborg, Sweden
29 september 
Finding your ideal stride
Private lessons
Price: 900 Skr/60 min
(two people share a lesson, 1200 Skr)
Miniworkshops, 2 hours
2-3 people, advanced runners
Price: 2000 Skr

Run/walk the Alexander way med Malcolm Balk, 30 september

3-hours workshop for beginners and more advanced runners

Time: 09.30 – 12.30
Prisce: 1000 Skr
Venue: Falken, Falkgatan 7, Göteborg
Contact Barbro Olsson, for more information and to book lessons and workshop.
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